Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Conservatism nailed

Conservatives, listen up. Brad Thompson tells you in detail how and why American conservatives are doing wrong -- he explains the apparent mystery of why conservatives have been in control of all three of the executive branches of American government for years, and the result of all that "compassionate conservativism" and "neo-conservativism" is to have made American government bigger now than it ever was!

Thompson's article is long, but very, very good. I'll post a summary of it in a day or so, but do yourself a favour and read it all now: the good folks at The Objective Standard are letting the online version out of the house free. Don't take my word for how good it is; here's Greg at Noodle Food raving about it:

Wait, let me try that again: freakin' wow!

It is eye-opening and jaw-dropping, a stunning analysis that gathers up the oddities we have been seeing in the rise of the Republicans, explains them with some wonderful philosophical detective work, and frames it all in terms of fundamental principles having life and death importance to us all. C. Bradley Thompson brings the goods, and I now understand the cryptic, stammered, rave reviews of his lecture -- along the lines of, "It was amazing: I kept thinking it couldn't get any worse, and then he would reveal a whole new level of badness!"
Go see for yourself.

LINK: The Decline and Fall of American Conservatism - The Objective Standard
I laughed, I cried, it changed my life! - Noodle Food

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  1. "embrace egoism" The capitalist system works by ensuring that people work for mutual benefit. both parties profit from a transaction.

    Whilst this is an interesting viewpoint it ultimately fails to address that point above and instead suggests that people should work to defeat capitalism. Tax money can be used to reduce crime, provide education that will improve society as a whole, provide a platform of laws and order so that people can live in peace. You can extend the mutually beneficial transaction to a wide audience. My taxes pay for police and a defence force. Having people better educated means they are less likely to be violent criminals which benefits me and my family far into the future and will increase my own productivity and wellbeing also. it requires taking a longer view than simply abolishing tax would allow.

    That said I wonder how much of the increased expenditure has been necessary and there are some valid criticisms of big government.

  2. The GOP isn't the conservative party. It has conservative members and senators and such. And Bush isn't the leader of the conservative movement nor has he ever portrayed himself as such.


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