Saturday, 2 September 2006

Bring out your photos

Embarrassing photos from our younger days. We've all got 'em. Here's just some of mine that very rarely see the light of day (for fairly obvious reasons). If I'm going to post then, as I've been dared to do, then Saturday is just the day to do it.

I'm sure you'll spot me without too much difficulty -- that's if you're not laughing too hard. I could offer explanations or excuses, but ... ah well ... there you go.

I rest in the comforting notion that you all have stuff just as bad lurking in your drawers, your closets and your shoeboxes. Why not bring 'em out and air them? Go on, I double dare ya'. Let he who has the first stone spread the most sin ... or something.

BTW, in one of these photos appears the woman who first introduced me to Ayn Rand, something about which I personally am very grateful (thanks Pam).

I expect a few of you might have other thoughts on that particular fact you might wish to share ...



  1. Thank you for sharing these Peter - sure some things are embarrassing to us - like Freddie Mercury - whom I have loved since I was 13 years old - and Othar Turner's "Glory, Glory Hallelujah".

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  3. Did you really have a porn star for a teacher in 1976, or did everyone look like that?


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