Saturday, 12 August 2006

A treasure trove of audio books!

Wow! I'm not a big listener myself of audio books, but I know many people who love them. If so then Learn Out Loud have a deal for you: a free download of Ayn Rand's early novella Anthem, their free audiobook for August.

And oddly enough, I found it when looking for George Reisman's Mises Lectures (which are also free).

Fill your boots up. There's loads more free stuff there too if you look from every possible field of endeavour, from Thomas Paine to Karl Marx to Shakespeare to Richard Feynman to Michael Dell to bridge-builder Robert Maillart to Tom Wolfe to Martin Luther King ...

Wow! This is a treasure trove!

LINKS: Anthem audiobook - Learn Out Loud
Free audio and video resources - Learn Out Loud

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  1. What a brilliant rsource--I just spent an hour browsing what's available.
    Thanks for that.

  2. You're very welcome. I'm just listening to Frederic Bastiat's classic 'The Law' as we speak.

    I'd forgotten just how good it is.


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