Friday, 4 August 2006

Siegmund O'Neill

'The Met' in New York and London's Covent Garden are two of the world's leading operatic stages, and New Zealand tenor Simon O'Neill (last here in March to sing Parsifal) is scaling the heights of both.

Already booked to sing the role of Siegmund in the Covent Garden performance of Wagner's Die Walküre in 2007, in which role he has understudied Placido Domingo at 'The Met' for the last two years, he has just received confirmation that this leading role at The Met is also to be his. You heard it here first.

When Domingo reminisced for TVNZ in 2005 about the time he covered Franco Corelli (and ended up making his own Met debut), he concluded by speaking "glowingly" of O’Neill: “Now it’s his turn,” he said. And now it is.

Currently singing in Mozart's Magic Flute in Salzburg, O'Neill is naturally delighted at this exciting news, as I'm sure are all New Zealand Wagnerians will be when they hear.

Congratulations, Simon.

LINKS: Simon O'Neill - official website

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