Friday, 4 August 2006

It's Damascus, stupid.

What to do about the ongoing Israeli-Hezbollah conflict? Middle East authority Daniel Pipes has an answer: "Hold Damascus responsible." This approach will work, he says, "because Hezbollah's stature, strength, and skills depend on Syrian support, both direct and indirect."

Given that Syrian territory is the only route by which Iranian aid reaches Hezbollah, focusing on Damascus has the major side benefit of restricting Iranian influence in the Levant.

This plan has its drawbacks and complications – the recent Syrian-Iranian mutual defense treaty, or its giving Hezbollah the option to drag Syria into war – but it has a better chance of success, I believe, than any alternative.

Read on for more.

LINK: Hold Damascus responsible - Daniel Pipes, New York Sun

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  1. Describes how wonderful the Syrian regime is. It doesn't allow public protests or demonstrations without the one-party state's approval.

    Of course I expect to see no protests against that murderous tyranny, which is one of the worst in the Middle East.

  2. I think Pipes is excellent. He also believes in a moderate Islam that can be reasoned with -something some other commentators disagree with. Me, I'm still learning.

  3. Interesting to note though, LS, that when faced with widespread protest and international disapproval over it's occupation of Lebanon, Syria peacefully withdrew it's troops.

    If Israel had done that in 1987, when it was faced with much the same thing in the Palestinian Territories the Middle East would probably be a much less volatile place.


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