Thursday, 31 August 2006

The science *isn't* settled, Mr Parker

"The science is settled," says Climate Science minister David Parker who's off to the movies with his hangers-on to see Al Gore's propaganda piece for shackling the world's industry. But, says London's Times Newspaper today, the science isn't settled. Not by a long chalk."The conventional global warming stance has huge limitations," says the Times.
It is widely accepted that the average surface temperature on Earth has risen by about 0.5 degrees centigrade over the past 125 years or so. Yet if man’s activities were driving this warming process then one would expect the rate of that increase to have accelerated in modern times in response to increasing industrialisation, aircraft flights and so on. This evidence has singularly failed to materialise, despite satellites having been available to measure the Earth’s temperature since the late 1970s.
Far from the science being settled in favour of man-made global warming, the Times suggests "That round yellow thing in the sky may have more influence on climate change than man’s activities."

Makes more sense than listening to Al Gore. More fun too.

LINK: Let's look on the sunny side - Times Online

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Blogger DenMT said...

The science is not settled, but it is highly persuasive. Of course anyone can pick and choose their sources, and it is very easy to select them based on your political stance, but the obvious majority of science is leaning one way.

'Bah! Consensus science! Hah! Listen to Michael Crichton!'

When the great majority of specialists in one area are telling you something is up, the responsible thing to do is listen.

31 Aug 2006, 09:04:00  
Anonymous Hal said...

Highly persuasive? 'Great' majority?

I smell another lefty ..

31 Aug 2006, 09:45:00  
Blogger DenMT said...

Your powers of rhetoric are astounding, 'Hal'. You sure put me in my place there, with your superb grasp of the issue!

31 Aug 2006, 10:06:00  
Blogger Berend de Boer said...

denmt, if the scientist get a 100% accuracy in the climate of tomorrow, perhaps the laymen would be more inclined to listen to the high priests?

31 Aug 2006, 18:01:00  
Anonymous Simon said...

The Labor party doesn’t really give a monkey’s crutch piece about climate change. Labor have worked out the Green party at 5% is barely viable with voters & politically unviable when considering coalitions with Winston First & the Born Agains.

Labor have been making noises about climate change and will continue to do so in order to peel 2 or 3% off the Greens in 2008. The science is settled as far as the politics go.

31 Aug 2006, 19:49:00  

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