Monday, 14 August 2006

Protective vests

Just one of half-a-dozen cartoons with a similar theme here.

Cease fire? Jihad Watch suggests,
Hamas understands very well what the stationing of Lebanese troops under UN auspices on the Lebanese/Israeli border means: a victory for Hizballah.
Anyone expect Hezbollah to disarm? Not the Jerusalem Post, who report:
The Lebanese government was scheduled to meet on Sunday to discuss the disarming of Hizbullah south of the Litani River, but postponed that meeting following indications by the guerrilla group that they would not do so...
So ... what's been achieved then to make the Lebanese/Israel border safer? And do you think they're laughing up their sleeves in Tehran, even as they take this opportunity to re-arm and re-equip Hezbollah?

[And just by the way, what is the correct spelling for 'The Party of God'? Turns out God alone knows. 'Murderous bastards' would do it, but how then to distinguish them all the other murderous bastards around.]

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  1. Has anyone seen "The Flintstones" movie?

    The opening scene is a boy delivering the morning newspaper (sheet of rock) on his bike and the headline reads "Middle East talks break down"... oh yeah

  2. PC, plenty of people said from the start that this war was a bad idea. But as usual you knew it all.....

  3. No mention of all the IDF bases located in Israeli towns, but of course we wouldn't hear about it because its classified and could be threat to Israels national security if the world knew that the greatest Military force in the Middle East hid amongst women and children

  4. .. that the greatest military force in the middle east hid behind women & children ..

    Unlike Hezbollah or Hamas, Anon?

    Mention the I-word and all the usual apologists come out to play.

    Funny how western lefties in particular are quick to condemn the only spot in the Middle East that would allow them to be gay or atheist or critical of the govt ...

    Long live Iran, eh!

  5. Anonymous, of course, has privileged access to all the military secrets of the IDF.

    Blah - the war was not a bad idea; the bad idea was the ceasefire.

  6. Too right~Smaller~ they didn't kill enough people. Just damn.

    All of the bad countries in the Middle East (and elsewhere) are "terrorists" and we must treat them as such. Only weaklings and appeasers would try to negotiate with or contain "terrorists." The only thing one can do with "terrorists" is kill them all so that we can rule the world (or at least the Middle East) by fear.

    That really is the essence of neoconservativsm. It's nothing more noble or complex than a base belief that we have to wage as many wars as possible and kill as many people as possible until people are sufficiently fearful of the U.S. that they will comply with our mandates. It is psychopathic and deranged
    -Glenn Greenwald

  7. You know, I find it hard to understand someone who says they hate killing(and I'm sure they do), but who has yet to condemn Nasrallah, Ahmdinejad, the twenty-four alleged perpetrators of the plot to blow up airplanes out of Heathrow, bin Laden, the late al Zarqawi, any of the protesting jihadists who wanted to "beahead those who insult Islam" ... but wants to pin all the world's problems on neo-conservatives.

    Now that is just bizarre.

  8. Unless of course Edward Cline is right, that such people want the "release from the responsibility of taking a moral stand, in this instance, on the right of Israel to retaliate with force against a power seeking its destruction."

    You think? Far easier to condemn your friends that there are enemies about.

  9. .. all of the bad countries in the Middle East are 'terrorists' ...

    Not necessarily. But they're all totalitarian.

  10. what a load of crap

  11. That's right, Anonymous, totalitarianism is a load of crap. A total load of crap.

  12. Ruth - You seem unaware of the risks that the IDF takes to avoid unnecessary civilian casualties. Why are you wont to paint them and Israel as vicious killers? It is Hezbollah that are truly the vicious killers and you just want to leave them alone to grow stronger. There is now conclusive proof on the battlefield that they have been supplied by Syria and Iran. They constitute a standing army that is obviously more in control than the Lebanese army. What are you going to do about all this? This is how Israel explains its actions on the website I linked to:

    Israel has shown restraint for over six years. In May 2000 Israel took the politically difficult decision to fully withdraw from southern Lebanon, having been compelled a few years earlier to establish a security zone there in order to prevent terrorist attacks and rocket shelling into Israeli towns. The UN Security Council acknowledged Israel’s complete withdrawal from southern Lebanon to be in full compliance with Resolution 425. The Lebanese government was given an opportunity to take full control of the south and establish a peaceful border with Israel. Instead, it chose to succumb to terror rather than vanquish it, and allowed Hizbullah to occupy the areas adjacent to the border and to accumulate a vast arsenal of rockets and missiles.

    Israel repeatedly sounded warnings, and called upon the international community to urge Lebanon to reign in the Hizbullah, remove its gunmen from their border positions and dismantle their growing stockpile of missiles. Sadly, Lebanon did not heed the demands of the international community to exercise its sovereignty and disarm Hizbullah, and today, the Lebanese people must unfortunately bear the consequences of their government’s inaction.

    Please tell me how you propose to prevent this happening again?

    BTW, name's not Smaller


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