Tuesday, 15 August 2006

Pledge Card: "The whole story"

G-man points out the Labour Party are sweating this one.
Faced with a lawsuit, a turning media and the poisoning of the ground water--they're really pulling out all the stops on this one issue... They are pulling out every single cliched political trick they can muster, all of them. The big test is whether the media will buy into it, or see it for what it is, an elaborate change-the subject-strategy.
Remember how during the election Clark told voters she was "very excited about the pledge cards, and said that it would be delivered to every household and would be the centre-piece of the campaign for them"? G-Man does. And as he says,
At the time I remember thinking (naively as it turns out) that that would cost a small fortune, and wouldn't leave much left over for other election advertising. That's the story--it's not any other side-track. It's not any red-herring they're trying to find. It's that--plain and simple. They had taxpayers' money earmarked for one purpose, and they spent it buying votes.
Read the whole post here. (And time to get those tapes digitised, G-Man.)

UPDATE: I was presuming you would have already seen David Farrar's evisceration of Helen's latest spin. It begins like this:
Good God Clark is trying to spin the issue of the pledge cards so badly, she could set herself up as a wind turbine and power a few hundred homes.
Read it all here.

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