Tuesday, 15 August 2006

'Mahmoud Pundit'

For those who've read Mein Kampf, there's a potentially similar piece of confessional literature unfolding now on the web. The portents are there. Hitler's psychotic ambitions for war and conquest were revealed in Mein Kampf; Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad has a new blog, on which -- who knows -- he might reveal to us his dreams of starlight and moonbeams and nuclear terror?

Click on the little Ameri-English flag up on the right to read 'Mahmoud Pundit' in English. Leave comments. Decide for yourself if it is Uncle Mahmoud (Allah at Hotair has doubts), or just a nutter with a megalomaniacal fetish.

Or both.

UPDATE: Paula has some verse to celebrate the Nut Job breaking into cyber-print. Go see.

LINKS: Mein Kampf Mahmoud Ahmedinejad's blog
Ahmedinejad starts his own blog (Update: Fake?) - Hot Air

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Cartoon by Cox and Forkum


  1. Just a warning and I'm not sure if theres any truth to this, but some tech websites have said there is a risk of getting infected by a trojan backdoor from that particular blog.


    then again could be a load of horse shit..

  2. It would certainly make sense. All the more reason to visit it using Firefox. :-)

    FWIW, I visited and scanned afterwards, and found nothing. But I was using Firefox.


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