Tuesday, 15 August 2006

Not 'peace,' but freedom from any moral stand

Edward Cline hits the spot:
... When one watches the frantic, contemptible relief with which the U.S. and Europe react to the least chance for "peace" between Israel and Lebanon (re the recent U.N. Security Council resolution to end the fighting, but condescending to allow Israel to defend itself), one cannot help but sense that it is not "peace" they are seeking, but release from the responsibility of taking a moral stand, in this instance, on the right of Israel to retaliate with force against a power seeking its destruction.
Read Cline's whole historic piece here: Our Islamic Nemesis, Then and Now. If you've been wondering what Thomas Jefferson would have made of today's all-pervasive policy of so-called moral equivalence toward the Middle East, Cline has some surprising revelations.

LINK: Our Islamic nemesis, then and now - Edward Cline, Rule ofReason

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Cartoon by Cox and Forkum

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