Tuesday, 22 August 2006

McCarten finds reason in the irrational

Matt McCarten has realised we are at war, and he's chosen sides: he's on the side of new "socialist friend," Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, the general secretary of Hizbollah, the Lebanese para-military organisation armed by and answerable only to its paymasters in Iran and its quartermasters in Syria; whose 10,000 or so rockets full of ball-bearings were fired freely into the population of Northern Israel for several weeks; whose cadres spent the last six years and many Iranian petro-dollars preparing for this conflict -- an aggressive supra-governmental paramilitary who are now refusing to disarm, despite it being an express condition of the cease-fire agreement signed by both sides.

McCarten sees Hezbollah as the solution, not the problem. End the
"occupations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine" says McCarten, echoing his new hero, or else expect permanent war. "So long as there is imperialism in the world, a permanent peace is impossible," McCarten quotes Nasrallah approvingly -- Nasrallah's is the "new voice of Islamic reason," says NZ's voice of old-school socialist un-reason, a voice he says that "resonates with indisputable reason." This is McCarten's assessment of the butcher-in-chief's re-stated intention to wipe Israel off the map and to engage in "permanent war" until he does.

At least we now know for sure which side McCarten is on. The side of the loons. The side of Islamic totalitarianism. The side of those who adamantly refuse to recognise any right for Israel to exist. The side of those who fight in the name of jihad. If there is one primary reason for permanent war in the Middle East, it is that view -- a view that McCarten shares. If there is one primary reason for the war with Islamic totalitarians being exported to the rest of the world, it is the idea that there is somehow "reason" on their side.

Place the blame for war where it lies: with those whom McCarten supports, and with those like him who give them ideological house-room. The bodies of the dead can be laid at their feet.

MEANWHILE, Cox and Forkum have a response to cries in the recent conflict of there being a 'disproportionate response':

New voice of Islamic reason resonates with indisputable reason - Matt McCarten, NZ Herald
Disproportionate response II - Cox and Forkum

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  1. McCarten is an idiot about just about everything - but does the right think entirely in non-sequiturs?

    "If you don't support the war in (insert country), you don't support fighting terrorism"

    That one is the right's favourite non-sequitur or logical fallacy - whatever.You use it all the time, and upbraid others for similar sins.

    I'm just saying.

  2. McCarten's opposition to Syrian imperialism in Lebanon is non-existent. Words cannot describe what an evil prick he is, but the lack of journalism in NZ will mean he isn't grilled on this.

    Ruth you have a point, it is possible to support fighting terrorism without supporting the attack on Iraq as they were not directly related (Iraq was a matter of WMD and overthrowing a tyranny, the fact that WMDs were not found is besides the point). However, it is difficult to see how anyone can be anti-terrorism and let the Taliban continue to shelter terrorists.

  3. Ruth, you're so far off-beam it's not worth answering this.

    Virtually every word is misguided, including "all" and "the."


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