Thursday, 24 August 2006

"Clark stole election," says Brash

NZ HERALD: Clark stole election, says Brash

Audrey Young is still on the case, reporting from yesterday's Questions in the House that,
National launched a fevered attack on Prime Minister Helen Clark in Parliament yesterday, accusing her of having "stolen" the election through Labour's taxpayer-funded $446,000 pledge card, which was recently declared unlawful by the Auditor-General in a draft report.

National leader Don Brash led the attack, ending in a demand for a fresh and fair election...

"Helen Clark stole the election. Not content with enormous bribes to voters with other people's money, she had to misappropriate half a million dollars of taxpayers' money to fund her campaign. She should pay the money back," he said, the trigger for his own MPs to repeat the chant.

"She should then resign, go to the country and have a fair election."
Meanwhile, John Armstrong reports that the response to the questioning was so noisy that many MPs couldn't hear the Q and A.
But then you did not need to be able to hear Dr Cullen to know what he thought of the afternoon's proceedings.
It was enough to observe his increasingly vein-popping demeanour, finger-pointing indignation and facial complexion turning puce to match the tie around his neck.
Such a shame. The pressure of their own dishonesty is getting to them. If you missed it yesterday, you can watch the proceedings online courtesy of the TVNZ site. (Scroll down to the 'Parliament Live' section, click 'Wednesday,' and then fast forward through the first few minutes of prayers and rubbish. The main relevant questions appear to be One and Three and, I think, Five.)

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