Tuesday, 4 July 2006

Yes, it's July 4!

It's July 4th, American Indepence Day (at least it is here in NZ) and I'll be posting later today some celebratory pieces that will hopefully help to explain why American Independence Day is something we should all celebrate.

In the meantime, read this: To hate America is to hate mankind. [Hat tip Julian Pistorius]

LINK: To hate America is to hate mankind - Daily Telegraph

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Anonymous Falafulu Fisi said...

The comment is right on. America does more to sort out the mess that is happening everywhere than anybody else. Colin Powell was doing the diplomacy upto the last minute in hopping from plane to plane between Washington and Sudan, trying to convince the Government there to stop the massacre of the Dafurians. Who else were there? Perhaps the Russians? The French ? The Chinese ? It was only Uncle Sam. A good comment by a journalist from the movie "Hotel Rwanda" by saying that the people in the West (and the rest of the world) will watch and be shocked about the CNN news of the massacres taking place in Kigali, and after that, they will go on to eat their dinner and forget about it. Condi Rice is continuing the work of her predecessor Colin Powel in trying to persuade Sudan to stop supporting the massacres. Thank, God, that someone (US) is doing this diplomacy to stop genocide, because people do watch the massacres taking place in Dafur (Keith Locke , Green party Supporters & Everyone else in the world), then go to eat their dinner and forget about that it is taking place. Do we see , John Minto organising an anti-massacre march for Dafur ? Nope. Do we see the US doing something about it ? YES.

4 Jul 2006, 22:02:00  

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