Tuesday, 25 July 2006

"Who the **** is Alice?" - Berrymans

Oh Lord!

NZ HERALD: Male lawyer appears in court in women's clothes
Lawyer Rob Moodie turned heads at the High Court in Wellington yesterday when he arrived dressed in a skirt and asked to be called Ms Alice...

Dr Moodie, who wore Kaftans when he was Police Association secretary, said his frustration at the judiciary's handling of the Berryman bridge case had prompted his decision to resume wearing women's clothing.

The case had caused him "to reflect on what it means to be a male in this country. I've decided I don't actually want to be part of that ethos."
I'm sure that's just what the Berrymans needed.

UPDATE: The Dom, which I should have linked before, has the 'full story,' and concludes:
...his main motivation was to highlight the injustice suffered by the Berrymans and the judiciary's inability to address it, he said.

"Two people's lives have been ruined. I will not let this issue go."
Well, thank goodness for that at least. But if this is just a protest to get attention for the case, it seems somewhat countr-productive to me. Idiot/Savant disagrees: he reckons the Dom should have ignored the dressing up and "focussed on the allegation... in this day and age, I'd hardly think of it as 'news'." Well, maybe not, but if it ain't news, it ain't useful protest. And if it's news like this, it may not be useful either.

LINK: High profile lawyer protests through dress - Dominion Post

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  1. He really needs Suzanne and Trinny. Get him on "What not to wear" quick.

  2. You ain't seen nothin' yet !
    Rob dressed as a "fingers" gesture to the establishment. The Courts just don't wanna know when someone bucks the status quo. I proved that when involved with the AntiTVLiSence Campaign. Went to Court 6 times and still refused to fill out an Assets & liabilities form.
    Even did 80 hours of PD which was a joke. I am in the Berryman campaign to the bitter end.

  3. "You ain't seen nothin' yet !
    Rob dressed as a "fingers" gesture to the establishment."

    Hahaha. Good for him. Just as long as it doesn't distract from the main business, of course.

    "I am in the Berryman campaign to the bitter end."

    And good for you. More power to you, sir.


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