Monday, 10 July 2006

Timetable for Darnton v Clark

The timetable for events in the matter of Darnton v Helen Clark is set out on the Darnton vs Clark site.

Today's post sets out what happens next, and who is representing the Labour Party (hint: it's the same QC who represented Helen Clark against John Yelash, and who advised her to sue Bill English over his 'paintergate' comments).

Meanwhile, for those who were asking, David Farrar has the timetable for the events at issue -- when the Labour Party were told the pledge card was electoral spending; how soon before the election they agreed and committed to their inclusion in election spending; how soon after the election they cynically withdrew their commitment -- all part of his series of archived posts on Labour's over-spending.

And look out soon for some colourful banners you can install on your site to show support for Bernard Darnton's action against Helen Clark. You've already donated; you will soon be able to fly the flag as well.

LINKS: What happens next? - Darnton vs Clark
The timeline - Kiwiblog (David Farrar)
Archived posts on Labour's over-spending - Kiwiblog (David Farrar)
Donations - Darnton vs Clark

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