Monday, 10 July 2006

Intellectual ammunition for the weekend - the Libz conference

If you're looking for intellectual ammunition this weekend, then the place to find it is the Libertarianz Tenth Birthday Conference at the Auckland Airport Centra.

Party time for Libz members starts at 9:30am. Open afternoon sessions are available to all.
Speakers include:
  • Leader Bernard Darnton on Darnton v Clark -- here's your chance to ask him what's going on!
  • Lindsay Perigo on Libertarianz - a ten year party
  • Russell Watkins on The Voluntary City Project
  • Nik Haden on property rights - when governments attack
  • Julian Pistorius, on technology, the internet, privacay and freedom
  • Richard Goode, on NZ's drug policies
  • Peter Cresswell on property rights and common law
All these speakers, plus much more, including the Great Debate chaired by yours truly, 'That peaceful people should be able to pass borders freely.' Come and be entertained, enlightened and challenged.

Live blogging of the conference is planned (just like last year), but not yet confirmed. Much better to be there. Don't miss out. Register today!

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