Thursday, 20 July 2006

Springboks lose the game, but ...

The, ah, Springboks are playing the All Blacks this weekend. Out of courtesy I won't mention last week's 49-0 scoreline (a record routing).

I come instead offering advice: The Laka. This website allows you to put together a 'Lions Haka,' which as Tomahawk Kid says is taking the piss out of somebody. Perhaps the Boks could put together a Baka, so they might say, "We lost the game, but we won the Baka"?

It worked for the Lions. Didn't it.

LINKS: Put together your own British and Irish Lions haka: The Laka - Sure for Men

TAGS: Sport, Humour

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  1. Sorry to be completely off the topic of the post, but I didn't see your email address in my 10 seconds of searching. Here's a quote from this week's Listener editorial.

    "No one, not in New Zealand anyway, disputes that protecting and supporting the most vulnerable members of society is a fundamental role of the state.";jsessionid=F68BC4023FB25BB0344BE84CA09AAEBA

    What do you make of that?


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