Saturday, 15 July 2006

Russell Watkins - The Voluntary City Project

No mention of 'sustainable' here. A promise.

Why have voters supported libertarians more in local elections than in general elections? Perhaps they can see the effects of waste more clearly than they can the demolition of freedom? Perhaps because there is more coverage of council candidates?

" I have an idea," says Russell. Wants to use this opportunity of local government elections to put libertarian ideas in front of people. He has begun a campaign called Voluntary City Tauranga, that he hopes will become a satellite of the Libz.

Example: Toll bridge had taken $120 million more than what it cost. But taking off the toll causes congestion: a basic market axiom. Tauranga Libz suggested creating a property right in the bridge, with a toll only for maintenance.

This is the sort of tack he intends to take. The Voluntary City project is one to franchise, and to concretise for punters the problems with their local swimming pool, and its connection with the posturing blowhards in Helengrad. Website read to go. Planning being done. Just add money. Let's roll.

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