Saturday, 15 July 2006

Phil Howison - On being the youngest candidate in the election

A big Libertarianz welcome now to Philip Howison.

When I stood in the last election, at 19 I was the youngest candidate in the election. Overcame my shyness and stood in Hutt South against Trevor Mallard.

He was reminded that on every platform, Libz speakers do set the agenda. He joined Toastmasters to gain experience. But had trouble being invited to speak. Catholic Womens' League rang to say he was sacked to make way for Destinty. Remembered Richard Goode's question to them all: What are you going to do to save cannabis smokers from persecution? Laughter from the candidates.

But he did speak. To great effect. Candidates friendly (except the odious Murray Smith). None spoke well (except for ex-libertarian Lindsay Mitchell). Too full of platitudes.

Final meeting: snarled at by an old lady: "Do your homework." No mike. No podium. Felt great to be able to say to the floor: "Taxation is theft." To answer honestly when asked how we would help small business: "Repeal the RMA, repeal GST..." and we'd just be starting.

A women came up to me after and told that forty years ago she was the youngest candidate. For the Values Party. They now have a new name, and they're the fourth biggest party in Parliament.

We can be too. If I can stand, so can you! Let's do it.


  1. Ex-libertarian?

    I remember the Catholic Women's League meeting and Richard putting that question. From memory I said that there is drug use, abuse and addiction. Only abuse and addiction were problems and should be treated as health problems. The status quo wasn't working and the war on drugs was a failure. The question of marijuana decriminalisation would likely be a conscience vote and I would support it.
    Big ups for Phil who was widely appreciated by the audiences for his conviction and courage.

  2. "Ex-libertarian?"

    Just making sure you're reading. :-)


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