Thursday, 6 July 2006


I'm off to Thames on business shortly, and I'm unlikely to be near an internet connection tomorrow long enough to blog, or even -- horrors! -- to post a Beer O'Clock review tomorrow. Maybe Saturday. Try and stay dry until then.

I can try and make up for that crime at least by reminding you in the meantime that beer is better than wine for your health, but a good dry martini isn't too bad either. I don't think I'll find too many dry martinis in Thames, but at least you can join me in vicariously enjoying Tom Beard's impeccable review of the dry gin martinis on offer in Wellington's various establishments, and if you're in our capital city you might even be lucky enough to try one. Just stay away from the Gibbon's Bar.

LINKS: Beer is better than wine - Real Beer
The weather may be wet, but my martini's still dry - WellUrban

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