Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Murder in Mumbai

163 dead in Mumbai (Bombay) and counting. More bombs, more murders, more carnage by people who love death, and are challenged by those who love life. Why are the people of Mumbai being bombed this time? M&C News summarises:
Mumbai's economic importance makes it a symbolic target for terrorists. The city of teeming millions also has a powerful underworld that is known to have links with terror groups.

'Mumbaikars are resilient. We have shown it in the past. But the city seems to be tested again and again,' said former Mumbai mayor Murli Deora, now a minister in the federal government. There have been outbreaks of sectarian violence in the past in Mumbai following terror attacks, which are usually ascribed to Muslim militant groups...
Ekklesia offers some early theories on the reasons for the killing:
Analysts say that the bombers are likely to have struck for a variety of reasons. First, militants oppose the India-Pakistan peace deal, which both the countries’ leaders reaffirmed today in the face of the worst assault yet on Indian soil.

Second, India’s model of secular democracy and religious pluralism, despite its fragility in recent years, is anathema to hard-line Islamists.

Third, there is resentment at the increasingly close relationship between the Indian and US governments following President George W. Bush’s visit – even though India played no part in the Afghanistan and Iraq invasions.

Fourth, as the country’s main financial centre, Mumbai generates nearly 60 per cent of India’s GNP, maximising impact and disruption.

Commentators say that there may also be a link to the G8 summit which meets next Tuesday. Civilian attacks have in the past been timed to coincide with events significant to the globalisation process.
People who love life being killed by people who love death and wish it inflicted upon us. The front line today in the global war against the representatives of the dark ages is Mumbai. To paraphrase what I said after the London bombings a year ago, "we are all Mumbaikars today."

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  1. Yes, plenty will say how sad it is, but "India is to blame" for daring to support the US.


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