Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Label schmabel

The received wisdom amongst food fascists is that people are too dumb to look after their own nutrition without public health officials doing it for them. Notes 'Reason Express,' of the food fascists' theory: "If people just knew, if they could be told by public health professionals what and how much to eat, they would eat differently." Well, they do know, and turns out they wouldn't: A new poll in the States suggests that eighty-percent of Americans do read food labels, then go ahead and eat whatever they want anyway.
A nation full of overweight people is also full of label readers. Nearly 80 percent of Americans insist they check the labels on food at the grocery store.

They scan the little charts like careful dieters, looking for no-nos such as fat and calories and sugars.

Yet even when the label practically screams, "Don't do it!" people drop the package into the cart anyway. At least that is what 44 percent of people admitted in a recent AP-Ipsos poll.
Read the story here. And then start planning your own lunch.

LINK: A matter of taste - CNN

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  1. Ah but you see, that's why you need to tax foods that are "bad" for you.



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