Tuesday, 4 July 2006

A message from our sponsors

And now, a message from our sponsors: Sex sells.

First, check out what some are calling the best commercial ever made -- an ad for Lynx that is apparently only going to be shown once, but that a bloke could really watch for hours [Hat tip Craig Ceely]

Then, see what use a good advertising director and Russian model Inna Zobova can make of The Stranglers's song 'Hanging Around': UK Wonderbra ad (4.2MB); better quality French wonderbra ad (3.5MB). [Hat tip Stranglenet]

UPDATE: I join Whinging in New Zealand (who admits he spent yesterday objectifying random women) in hanging my head in shame for posting these.

LINKS: Possibly the greatest TV advert ever made? - Dave's Adventure into Boredom
UK Wonderbra ad - Stranglenet
French wonderbra ad - Stranglenet
Danger: Women objectified here - Whinging in New Zealand

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