Tuesday, 18 July 2006

It's open-mike night for George & Tony

If you haven't yet seen or head the video of Tony Blair and George W at the G8 summit discussing international events ... here's a transcript, courtesy of The Times. Videos are a little more difficult, but this site is loaded with them.

What's more difficult to find is intelligent journalistic commentary on this. For the site hosting the videos for example, this straight-talking is a sign of the curtain getting lifted from the "moral majority" act. Glory be but someone should call what Hizbollah is doing is "shit" when shit is what Hizbollah is clearly doing.

And the Times headline, which you can see below, is just more holier-than-thou shit-eating piousness from an all-too prissy journalist. The only "truth of the special relationship" that's revealed is that these two have one, and that it's one in which straight talking is clearly valued. Good for them, and for us. The semi-free world is all the better for that.

If more straight talking and such clear-headed thinking as is revealed here was more on show around the rest of the western world we'd all be a lot better off for that.

LINKS: Bush's open mike gaffe reveals truth of the special relationship - Times Online
Bush unplugged at the G8 over Middle-East conflict - Crooks and Liars
Disproportionate response - cartoon and commentary by Cox and Forkum

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