Tuesday, 4 July 2006

Cardiganned councillors get out the red armband over recycling

Three English councils have brought or are bringing in fines for offending the prevailing public religion improper recycling: £1000 fines! -- that's $3,300! For putting your pizza box in the wrong bloody container! One of those councils, Barnet, has already announced that it will be "gathering evidence against two households for not recycling, in preparation for court action."

LibertyScott gives his opinion along with his report, "this approach by councils is simply fascist." Yes, it is. A big Sieg Heil to Barnet council, and to its confreres Harrow and Bromley .

From Not PC a few weeks ago: "PJ O'Rourke points out that when used items have real value -- Ferraris for example -- they don't need to be 'recycled,' they get sold. 'Recycled' is what happens to stuff with no value, or with so little value only a government regulation can make enough people care." And to make people care enough, these councils have apparently decided, you have to scare the fiscal bejesus out of them.

Meanwhile, NZ councils are scaring the fiscal bejesus out of residents with huge rate rises yet again to pay for "PC nuttiness."

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  1. This, in a country where police just issued two instant 80 pounds fines to a stallholder selling "bollocks to Blair" T-shirts.
    What a bunch of fascist wankers. No wonder Helen admires Blair and Nu-Labour so much.


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