Friday, 9 June 2006

Silence of the lambs

No Right Turn has the roundup of sedition-related news and commentary around the traps. He notes too an important observation by Liberty Scott, who asks "the quite reasonable question of where the usual voices of liberalism within the political parties are on this."
The Labour Party, who were once victims of this unjust law? Silent. National? Silent. ACT, who proudly proclaim themselves to be "the liberal party"? Silent. The Greens, usually a reliable voice on civil liberties issues? Silent. And of course nothing from the Progressives or Maori Party either. This is a serious civil liberties issue which threatens the freedom of speech of everyone in New Zealand - and our supposed representatives in Parliament refuse to say a word. Thanks, guys.
The only political party to make comment is Libertarianz, which does at least make me proud, but the silence of the rest just leaves me in disgust.

UPDATE: Greens now have a release out. A day late, and maybe just a dollar or two short.

LINKS: Sedition roundup - No Right Turn
Outrage of sedition: where are the other parties - Liberty Scott

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  1. Greens have a release out now.

  2. What are Libertarianz?

  3. I think the Libertarianz are slightly overreacting on a single case without any proof that suddenly their lives are in accutes danger.

    Helen wasn't involved. She didn't direct the jury. The jury was probably wrong, but who knows what parameters the judge had set.

    Yes, we need to change this law. And yes, this decision does not seem to be justified.

    But no, libertarianz won't be rounded up soon.

  4. Some great straw men there, Berend. Well done.

  5. I think you can safely say the issue of freedom of speech is not going to get traction.

  6. "I think (insert Jews, landlords, white farmers, business owners, Tutsis, Muslims, Serbs, Croats, Albanians, Armenians etc) are slightly overreacting on a single case without any proof that suddenly their lives are in accute danger. (Insert President, Prime Minister's name) wasn't involved. He didn't direct the jury/court/police. The jury/court/police was probably wrong, but who knows what parameters the judge had set.

    Indeed, nobody is going to be rounded up. It is the very thin end of the wedge - the only way to stop it getting bigger is to saw it off, now. Western anglo-saxons only think fascism is something that people who don't speak English as a first language do, or are not white.

  7. Since I can't find a way of contacting the Liberterianz directly (and I understand that some representatives were observing the trial) may I congratulate them on their very principled stance and interest in the case.

    I suppose the finding of a text headed "Confiscation Day" to be seditious will come as an acute affront to them in particular.


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