Friday, 9 June 2006

'Free Speech and Dissent During Wartime'

'Free Speech and Dissent During Wartime.' That's the title of a very popular lecture, delivered this week at the Mises Institute and available online, that "examines the effect of war on civil liberties in American history," including an examination of the laws of sedition, which are generally only utilised in wartime.

The lecturer is John Denson, editor of The Costs of War, and it begins by examining the American Alien and Sedition Act of 1798...

Lecture details here. Audio here. Video here.

LINKS: Free speech and dissent during wartime - John Denson
Mises Media

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  1. Had just finished downloading from the Mises Podcast feed before reading your blog this morning. I usually enjoy the Mises lecture series, but the tale of the amazing Wild Bill Denson was so much fun. Mr. Oswald Bastable (and everyone else) should follow that link & download this immediately. If the details & quotes from his Espionage/Sedition trial don't draw your complete admiration, the duel certainly will.


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