Monday, 12 June 2006

Rate your teachers

New local website Rate My Teachers gives you the chance to practice the fine art of scorn on all of those teachers for whom you still harbour a grudge. Sadly, none of my own bête noire yet appear, and I like to reserve my own scorn for more contemporary targets. Of course, unlikely though it might be, it is at least theoretically possible that you've had teachers for whom you'd like to offer praise ...

Hat tip to Cactus Kate, who calls this "a bridge really too far."
It is traditional that students hate their teachers. Even to this day I can only think of half a dozen I had or have any academic respect for.
I can think of just two.

LINK: Rate My Teachers New Zealand

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  1. Hmm, might a lot of that respect not come after the pupil in question has grown up a bit, and seen something of real life?

  2. I'm looking forward to where we can be honest about our students rather than hide what we want to say as we have to in school reports.

    btw - I'm not one to boast but I'm rating quite highly :)

  3. Craig, one said you are adorable. You're doing something right!


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