Monday, 22 May 2006

Too liberal for John Howard's Liberals?

One Australian Rand fan is having trouble becoming a candidate for John Howard's Liberal Party. Prodos Marinakis (left) -- busker, singer, punk performer, internet host, interviewer, Rand fan and classical liberal -- is apparently more liberal than some Liberals can really handle, or would like to.

The Age and the Herald Sun both have stories; links below have further debate.

And for some deep background, Prodos's latest online interviews are a must: he talks to Gerard Jackson asks"Labor Market Reform: Can unions protect wages?" and to Andrew Bernstein on "Capitalism as the only moral system." No wonder the Liberals are scared.

I wonder how many will be joining him in this years Worldwide Celebrate Capitalism Day? Are you? I understand an organiser is still needed for this year's Auckland CCD -- any takers?

UPDATE: I've just heard the Bernstein interview for the first time, and it's not the one I remember. It's good, but do skip the first few minutes where some sad git introduces Bernstein in about as long-winded a way as you possibly can.

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