Friday, 12 May 2006

'Self-Made Man' - Bobby Carlyle

'Self-Made Man,' Bobby Carlyle. A snip at just US$83,000 for an 8'10" bronze limited edition. Or just visit the website regularly to see the 360 degree animation.

The concept reminds me just a little of a Richard Bock sculpture for Frank Lloyd Wright's 1903 Dana House called 'The Flower in the Crannied Wall' (below).

Story of that sculpture here.

LINKS: Self-made man - Bobby Carlyle, Quent Cordair Gallery
Richard Bock's flower in the crannied wall - Dana-Thomas House Foundation newsletter, March, 2004

TAGS: Art, Sculpture


  1. I quite like it, but not to the tune of $83k US!

  2. Not to be crass, but it looks like he's about to smack himself in the dick with a sledgehammer and chisel. Not sure I would want that in my living room......

  3. My aunt Bobby is an amazing artist. I love this piece. it has always been one of my favorites. Believe me it is worth whatever she is asking for it. The detail, and strength she puts into each of her pieces captures a piece of her and holds it in. I love to draw and only wish my talents could slightly reflect those of my aunts. Oh and you have to look beyond where he chisels, and understand what he is trully accomplishing. Thanks.

  4. Ms. Carlyle has created a beautiful piece of art. I only wish my mother, Jinny Sherman, would receive the credit she deserves for conceiving and creating the earlier sculpture (early 80's) depicting a man chiseling himself from a block of clay, chisel at his hip, hammer at the chisel, with the title "Self-Made Man" carved directly into the basic block itself. She created a number of them, got local publicity, sold quite a few, and gave one to me which I used as the basis for a speech I gave in '86 or '87 in Denver, Colorado.


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