Thursday, 11 May 2006

'The Budget': Sign of a pathetic addiction

The Budget. Say that phrase and immediately everyone knows what you're talking about -- a sign in itself of the overweening obsession we you lot have with Big Government, and of its overbearing place in our lives.

I was about to get ready for next week's Cullen Budget by beginning my pre-Budget thoughts with a piece along those lines when I found it had already been written for me. By an Australian. After a budget was delivered there with tax cuts...

If you want to ween yourself of your own pathetic addiction to big government, then Janet Albrechtsen's column is a must. [Hat tip Julian Pistorius]
LINK: Our pathetic addiction to big government - Janet Albrechtsen, The Australian
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  1. I already know enough to be sick.

    Spending up + +, departmental budgets up, more state houses, welfare for families, more spending on super.

    $500 million over four years for "Growth and Innovation". What a joke.

    Want to encourage growth and innovation? Stop taxing and regulating businesses!!

  2. Robert Winefield12 May 2006, 01:02:00

    Oh goody, communism by stealth. Make everyone a ward of the state - including businessmen. But wait there's more!

    Clark's plans have created a de facto one party state! Once everybody is on the state tit, no current MP will risk his pension by suggesting that the benefits are immoral and should be stopped! And no one is going to vote for a party that runs on that platform - it'd mean loosing their cut!

    Lenin would be so proud of Helen right now!


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