Wednesday, 3 May 2006

A move for G-Man Inc.

Poor old G-Man's been upset for a while at being included in the 'Compulsion Touters' section of the blogroll, so I've put him out of his misery. He's been moved. To the 'Off the Planet' section*.

*Actually, I lie: he's gone to the 'Libz & Elsewhere' section. Let me know of any egregious backsliding. ;^)

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  1. Wah,wah,wah. What about me???That's not fair. I'm hard done by. G-man's getting special treatment. I didn't do it. It wasn't me. You're destroying my self-esteem. I have rights. I need counselling. I'm a victim. Why him??? wah,wah,wah.

  2. oh that's a wonderful comment.

  3. "Why him??? wah,wah,wah."

    Crybaby Murrayite. :-)

  4. WAH,WAH,WAH!!! I told you. Not my fault. Live too near govt. Even Wgtn Libz caught NIT infection. Blame them. Not me. Highly infectious. Make vaccine compulsory......OH bugger. There I go again. WAH,WAH,WAH!!!


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