Wednesday, 3 May 2006

Giving fat fascists bad ideas

From the ridiculous to the ridiculous, without nary a hint of the sublime. 'Nationalise McDonalds!' is the cry from 'The Tomahawk Kid.' And from the archives comes Bernard Darnton's 1999 classic 'Achtung Fatso!' -- so persuasive it set Sue Kedgley on her campaign for a fat tax.

UPDATE 1: D'you think Sue might ever contemplate that better food being offered by competitors and Jamie Oliver's campaign of persuasion for better school lunches have between them had more to do with improving English diets (and helping to close at least 25 UK McDonalds due to slumping sales) than any number of bans?

UPDATE 2: The Scotsman and the London-based International Policy Network have taken against the Scottish adoption of amtismoking wowserism. "London-based think-tank the International Policy Network has become so concerned about the issue that it has set up a health promotion unit to campaign for less Draconian measures across Britain as a whole," reports The Scotsman.
Nobody disagrees that many Scots might benefit from being healthier. But history is littered with examples of the damage done to liberty and freedom when politicians think they know with absolute certainty what is good for us.
Too right.

LINKS: Nationalise McDonalds - Tomahawk Kid
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