Friday, 19 May 2006

Dutch appeasers reject Ali

In what seems to be the last straw for courageous Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Dutch Immigration Minister has now revoked her passport, following which Ali has resigned her seat in parliament and suggested it's time to move to the States.

US Assistant Secretary of State Robert Zoellick said she's welcome any time. As Andrei says at Sir Humphrey's, "Holland's loss will be America's gain." Sure will.

Which raises two questions, the first both asked and answered by the Washington Post: "Is it possible to condemn Muslim extremism and still live among the Dutch? Maybe not."

And here's my question for Americans: Why doesn't the US treat all prospective immigrants with such warmth?  

LINKS: Intolerant Netherlands - Washington Post 
Hirsi Ali's Dutch Citizenship, revoked Monday, under review but she will leave Holland anyway - Sir Humphreys
State Department official: Hirsi Ali welcome in USA - Jihad Watch  

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  1. To start with the last question: white guilt explains this particular case.

    To the first question: the Dutch have hate speech. Only Christians get targeted of course (by gays).

    To summarise: it's 3-0 for the muslims:

    1. Pim Fortuyn.
    2. Theo van Gogh.
    3. Hirsi Ali.

    Number four will be Geert Wilders.

  2. Sorry Berend, Pim Fortuyn was murdered by a Dutch environmentalist, who was no Muslim. He certainly upset Muslims, but he upset Greenies more.

  3. Peter, Hirsi Ali's permanent residency in the Netherlands is still valid. She is not being thrown out of the country. I think you should make that clear.

  4. That Dutch environmentalist has said he did it because of Pim Fortuyn's stance against muslim. He did it out of support.

  5. Of course the Danish cartoons - jumped on by the right as championing freedom of speech, were really just expressions of rampant Danish xenophobia, but y'all were too dumb to see it.

    See this written by a Dane :

    So this is not surprising in the least.


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