Thursday, 20 April 2006

UK Backlash against internet censorship

The Blair Government is trying to introduce legislation to strengthen the criminal law” with respect to “extreme pornographic material,” or, as protest website Backlash puts it, “The UK government is currently considering how best to imprison potentially many people for viewing content on the internet.”

“The internet,” continues Backlash, “is a convenient scapegoat for society's ills.” Isn’t it just.

Oddly, among the most sensible responses to this was given by a conservative, specifically UK Conservative leader David Cameron. Asked before the election whether he supported the proposals, Cameron replied:
“Exploitative pornography is clearly distasteful. I believe, however, that adults must be allowed to make decisions for themselves. Our attention should be focused on ensuring that effective action is taken to prevent child pornography and to reduce the chance of pornography falling into the hands of children.”
Oh for such a clear moral statement from a New Zealand politician. On anything! There are a lot worse things than so-called extreme pornography: Extremely intrusive government is one.

LINKS: Backlash website
Cue Card Libertarianism – Censorship – Not PC

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  1. Try and hope Don Brash will say the same thing - too many Christian fascists would split off in outrage that people might be able to choose what to do with their bodies


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