Monday, 3 April 2006


Are there any readers of this blog who don't know the difference betwen a tip jar and a begging bowl? Is there anyone who gets offended by being offered the opportunity to tip when they've had good service, or received good value?

Just wondering, is all, because apparently at least one reader of this blog thinks asking for tips here at Not PC is 'greedy.' Imagine. Greedy. Me! :-)

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  1. Heather, from Dooce, is making enough money because of her blog to support her family. It is a free service to her gargantuan readership who are entertained by her writing. And yet - when she linked in advertisements the reaction was vituperative.

    Now Heather's is a brilliant blog. There are many out there that simple will never be of the same quality. And yet the separation is slowly being made - the good blogs stay around, their owners have and build a relationship with their readers. And while they're not yet in direct competition with the media organisations they are beginning to consume a percentage of the netizen's daily consumption of media. And bloggers carry costs too; both in real, fiscal terms for those hosting on their own and in opportunity costs because of the time investment.

    The tip jar is a user pays, voluntary donation system that rewards the author in more tangible ways for what they've done. There is no requirement for it nor any begging. I don't see any problems with it.

    I might just turn this into a post :)


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