Saturday, 8 April 2006

Still No Power

Since power and the imminent lack thereof are sadly and increasingly topical again, I'll re-quote myself from July last year re-quoting myself during Auckland's then power crisis, when I warned about the future energy implications of the 'Anti-Industrial Dream Team' of Kyoto and the RMA. We are now reaping the consequences of what wasn't done then:
Future restrictions on industry arising from ‘The Green Dream Team’ will dwarf [Auckland's] current problems, according to the Libertarianz Party. The Dream Team’s two players are the Resource Management Act and the Kyoto Protocol: The RMA we know about by now; the Protocol, signed by Simon Upton earlier this year... extracts promises that governments of wealthy, industrial nations will ‘work towards the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions’ - the inescapable by-product of the burning of fossil fuels. Stripped of its worthy glow this means nothing less than a promise for the reduction of industry!

“The greens’ anti-development crusade reached its climax in this country with the RMA, an act making the future construction of necessary infrastructure (like power stations and hydro dams) virtually impossible. The anti-energy crusade has reached its climax with the Kyoto Protocol, promising measures to strangle our existing infrastructure (like power stations and industrial plants). [Auckland's 1998] power crisis offers a precursor of what life will be like as a result of these measures - together, these bureaucratic monsters will act like a calicivirus on industry, and on all who depend on industry for their survival; which means all of us," said Libertarianz Environment Spokesman Peter Cresswell today...
As I said during Auckland's power crisis, “The environmentalists’ false claims for disasters that ‘might’ occur will be dwarfed by the disasters that will occur if we continue to blindly accept their rantings. You think that the loss of power to our industrial capital for nine weeks is bad news? Just wait until the Dream Team kicks in - you ain’t seen nothing yet!”I do hate saying 'I told you so,' but don't say I never warned you.
Power is the lifeblood of industry, of technology, of everything that keeps us alive. With the combined 'Anti-Industrial Green Dream Team' of Kyoto and the RMA, we are in danger of unilaterally cutting off our own blood supply.

Warned Alan Jenkins from the Electricity Networks Association last year, after the decision to minmise Genesis's water right to the Whanganui river to proetct the 'mauri' of the river:
The principal objective of having enough power to meet demand is steadily being eroded. "It's very hard to invest in coal [because of Kyoto], nuclear's a sort of four letter word...hydro is suddenly becoming too hard... [oil is becoming too expensive] what's left?...we can't do everything on windpower," says Jenkins. And if there's no power, there's no industry -- and industry is our real lifeblood. So this decision demands that our own real lives are being sacrificed for the mystical life force of Ken Mair's river. Such is the RMA.
Such is the current state-endorsed religion of environmentalism. But there are some environmentalists who are prepared to consider going nuclear, as I posted last year. How about it then?

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  1. "We can't do everything on wind power."

    Who said we'd be allowed to do anything on windpower? Hadn't he heard the visual and noise pollution arguments against wond turbines?

    "We can't anything" would be a more accurate statement of what the greenies want for us.


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