Saturday, 22 April 2006

How much is Honiara mission worth?

NEWSTALK ZB: A further 53 New Zealand soldiers are being sent to the Solomons. They will leave on Sunday, joining the 25 army officers and 30 police who left yesterday. Prime Minister Helen Clark says it is in response to a request from the Regional Assistance Mission that more troops are needed to help restore law and order. This latest deployment will bring the number of New Zealand personnel in the Solomons to 192...

I'm wondering how you lot feel about that many of NZ's military being put in harm's way in Honiara? I've got my own view, but I want to hear yours. How do you feel about it, and will that view change if there are casualties, if young New Zealanders die trying to bring order in Honiara? If one New Zealand soldier dies? If six die? Will you still feel the same way then? Put bluntly, just how much is order in Honiara worth to you?

LINKS: More NZ soldiers for Solomons - Newstalk ZB
More troops to be sent to Solomons - Clark - Dominion Post

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