Friday, 7 April 2006

Best blogs

Congratulations to Public Address, winner of Netguide's People's Choice Best NZ Blog award, and to the other two finalists Kiwiblog and Idolblog. (Full results here.) Hope the champagne was flowing for you all last night. For my part, I guess I'll go and open that loser's bottle of whiskey in the cupboard...

LINK: 2006 Netguide People's Choice Web Awards - Netguide
Websites point to interactive future - NZ Herald

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  1. When will the popular beer o'clock Friday posts return?

  2. I might have a good look at the fridge later this afternoon, Neil. Unless there's something you'd like to recommend? :-)

  3. Well, as it happens I am thinking about beer at the moment.

    I would recommend a Mac's Reserve Lager - a truly under rated classic that is easily available.

    Or you could track down a Black Sheep Holy (Gr)ail and compare notes with Oswald Bastable!

  4. To get back on topic...I'm pleased PA won. At least a site that offers intellectual value came first. This bears on the "thinkers versus linkers" dichotomy that's much discussed, and is a poke in the eye to sites that offer venomously expressed opinions, and little else.

    So it's all good.

  5. There are three blogs I read regularly, Kiwiblog, PA and NotPC. I like them all for different reasons. Sometimes picking a winner is too difficult. It isn't downhill racing.

  6. PA is too long and too left. I only read it because it's so well written that I start and can't stop. I like the Kiwi logos

    DPF is more of a newsticker to me, and a primer for what's going on.

    NotPC got all my votes because it reports the important issues, strips away the bullshit and smacks down the truth in such a way that even endless internet quiz results can be forgiven.


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