Friday, 7 April 2006

Beer O'Clock: Macs Reserve

At the recommendation of Neil from Real Beer, tonight I'll be sampling moderate quantities of Mac's Reserve.

I don't have good memories of it from previous sessions, but I'll let you know in the morning how it rates this time.

Enjoy your evening.

LINKS: Macs Reserve - Lion Nathan
Real Beer

TAGS: Beer_&_Elsewhere


  1. Well - what was the verdict?

  2. They did go down very quickly and very well. Fairly full of flavour, and very drinkable, but perhaps a little too fruity for my ideal lager.

    What were you sampling last night?

  3. Friday night was Mac's Reserve and Limburg Czechmate. Most excellent.

  4. For me, a quiet bottle of the stunningly bitter Goose Island IPA. Washed down with a glass of my own, very roasty, Oatmeal Stout.


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