Monday, 3 April 2006

Appeasing anti-free speech mullahs

Appeasement is alive and well and living at New York University. An Objectivist student group planning to show those Danish cartoons at a colloqium on free speech were told by NYU to not show them, and invited guests were told by NYU to push off.

The reason? Moral cowardice. The Ayn Rand Institute explains:
"Why did NYU trample the rights of the Objectivist student group? Because it chose appeasement; it chose, out of fear, to avoid the consequences of taking a principled stand to protect every student's freedom of speech on campus. And so next time, the mobs will know that to get whatever they want, they need only scream and threaten more stridently."
LibertyScott summarises here.

LINKS: New York University appeases Muslim bullies - LibertyScott
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