Thursday, 23 March 2006

Ugly as sin

Just to dispel any misbegotten notions any of you might have from earlier posts that all architecture is always good, let me assure you that's emphatically not the case. Here for example, is someone's idea of a Church -- specifically the Rektorat Church near Vienna, which even the world's greatest barbarian could tell you is too ugly to live. A gun emplacement would be an improvement -- in fact, if you believe the story, a gun emplacement was the inspiration.

LINKS: De form follows dysfunction - Catholic World News

TAGS: Architecture


  1. Still beats the Papakura police station! ;-)

  2. Ah yes, so it does. :)

    A gun emplacement there would be a distinct improvement.

  3. Robert Winefield23 Mar 2006, 07:43:00

    Both architechure-wise and law and order wise...

  4. Kind of right that it is a church...

  5. I don't think a gun emplacement on the site would be an improvement; rather, a gun emplacement about a mile away, slightly elevated above the site, would be perfect .... :-)

  6. Maybe I'm a barbarian but I really really like it. I can see that it has design flaws - anyplace I'd live would need more windows but there is a certain dark and squallid beauty to it.

  7. If you really like it, then yes, you're a barbarian. You Barbarian. :-)

    Perhaps we could have a competition to see who can post the ugliest building.

    Who wants to start?

  8. Richard McGrath23 Mar 2006, 18:00:00

    It looks like one of my kids' toys, six bits of wood shapes that interlock to form a cube...


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