Thursday, 23 March 2006

Basque ETA terror campaign halted

The Basque ETA terrorist organisation has called it a day. Their announcement has been greeted with "cautious optimism."
Like the IRA, with which it shared an ideology and occasionally swapped weapons, the group's terrorist tactics have been defeated by increasingly efficient security forces and an increasingly hostile public.
The March 11 Madrid bombing seems to have been a watershed - as with the IRA the more destructive event seems to have brought both a realisation that random violence and killing of the innocent doesn't work, and that when civilisation is under threat from barbarism, joining in with the destruction of the barbarians is a bad thing. A number of recent arrests also seems to have helped.

LINKS: End of a bloody era - Times Online
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1 comment:

  1. Am I the only one to have reservations about a ceasefire declared by guys wearing hoods?

    It seems to be the elephant in the room no one is mentioning...


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