Tuesday, 7 March 2006

The truth about cats and dogs and politics

Liberals tend to like cats; conservatives tend to like dogs. Such is the result reported by the Washington Monthly (the graph (right) shows the result to be more conclusive for women than men). [Hat tip No Right Turn]

There is no mention of Robert Heeinlein's observation that cats are libertarians while dogs are natural slaves.

Neuropolitics has more results showing the difference between conservatives and liberals. Sadly, they have none showing why neither conservatives nor liberals value the 'f' word*.

LINKS: The Liberal temperament - Washington Monthly
Neuropolitics.Org Ezine, March 2006

TAGS: Politics, Science, Nonsense

* What's the 'f' word? Freedom, of course.


  1. While a cat looks down on you, a dog looks up to you, but only a pig figures he's your equal.

  2. Cats aren't libertarian. Look at how easily they are corrupted by women who pamper them and wait on them hand and foot. They are 'friggin dole-bludgers.

    The last time a cat did an honest days work was in the 1350s when blokes like Dick Whittington bought cats to deal to vermin. The days of the feline mouser went out with the invention of tinned jelly-meat.

    Dogs on the other hand will pester their owners to take them for a walk & play games with them. Always willing to work for their daily feed. They round up sheep, find trapped men, run down criminals, pull dog-sleds over frozen wastes - all cause they like to work! All the while, Madame's feline is sunning itself in the living room.

    You couldn't train a cat to dive into the water and retrieve the duck you've just shot. You couldn't train a cat to retrieve cricket balls you bowled the way Clary Grimmet did.

    Contempory cats are a waste of space.

    I say save the primates! Experiment on cats! They're bugger all use for anything else other than stir-fry!


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