Wednesday, 8 March 2006

TradeMe block a tipping point?

It doesn't stop, does it. Hard on the heels of Carter's Whangamata Veto, the Communist Commerce Commission chair-thing Paula Rebstock says she wants to throw a spanner in Fairfax's plan to give TradeMe founder Sam Morgan a large cheque.
"In the recent Fairfax/Times Media Group acquisition, the commission, while defining a distinct print media advertising market, acknowledged that the extent to which it faced competition from online advertising was increasing." The commission intends to consider these issues further in assessing the competitive impact of the proposed acquisition of Trade me by Fairfax, she said.
Meddling arseholes upon meddling arseholes -- and they can't even speak good clear English. When the productive have to beg for permission from unproductive vermin such as these in order to produce, then you may know that your culture is on the rocks. Are we there yet?

LINKS: TradeMe deal in watchdog's sights - TVNZ

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  1. How is a merger "producing" anything?

  2. You think perhaps Fairfax is just buying it because they think it might make a nice Christmas gift, Sam?

  3. Talk about out of touch. The people I talked to about it were all excited a young man like Morgan could make so much money so fast, and these people were what you'd call 'centrist' voters.

    How stacked with Labour-appointed socialists is the Commerce Commission these days?

  4. Sam asks how a merger "produces" anything - this is actually a buyout, is it not? Sam Morgan built a company up from nothing, and has now sold it to become independently wealthy at age 30ish. Good on him. But getting back to the original question, a merger can produce efficiencies within an organisation and thereby lower the cost of the respective product or service to consumers. That would "produce" some very happy customers for a start!

  5. "Are we there yet?"

    Very, very bloody close.


  6. 'Are we there yet?'

    If the wind doesn't change real soon, we hit the rocks and the looters are waiting to strip the wreak...

  7. Interesting points of view. There is no doubt that the CC are generally a bunch of out of touch govt coat-tail hanger-on'rs...but...In this case we should not be too hasty. Fairfax owns over 35 regional newspapers, that have as a primary revenue source classified advertising. That's the same stuff you post on TM everyday. If you look at Fairfax's disclosures in Australia you will discover that a significant portion of their revenue comes from the NZ operation and (from above) a significant portion of that from classifieds.

    The act addresses commercial issues in the light of a 'substantial lessening of competition' in the market. If one virtual monopoly in off-line classified purchases a real monopoly in online classifieds it would strike me that the commerce commission should be at least a little interested.


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