Friday, 10 March 2006

God drinks Guinness

Friday afternoon a week before St Patricks Day seems an ideal time to ponder a fairly convincing Ontological Proof of God provided by a skinful of Guinness, a pretty girl and a bright sun, courtesy of an old post at Manhattan Transfer [and a hat tip to Stephen Hicks's archives]. This excerpt gives some of the flavour:

"This spot is good, the beer is wonderful and that girl who is wearing the Temporley ballerina skirt is amazing. I know we’re unlikely to find anything better around here. But we could imagine something better. And, look, our imagining better things presupposes an end, what the Greeks call telepathy.”

“You mean teleology,” I would have told him three or four pints earlier...

Read on here. As proofs of God go, this one has to be amongst the most convincing -- however it does come with the associated danger that the more convinced you are today, the less you'll remember about your convictions tomorrow.

And while we're talking Guinness, turns out it really does have something for everyone: it also provides proof of evolution -- at least it does if this Guinness ad is to be believed. [Hat tip Real Beer]

LINKS: How the Existence of God Is Ontologically Proved Via the Medium of Very Good Stout and a Pretty Girl on a Spring Day - Manhattan Transfer
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