Tuesday, 28 March 2006

Games medals question

Does anyone know how many medals each of the Australian states won?

And did New Zealand beat any of them in medals won? Even Tasmania?

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  1. bit tricky, innit?

    how do you count all the team sports?

  2. One team, one medal. Doesn't seem to too tricky.

    Unless of course you're drinking with an Australian yourself, in which case you'll need to call on every team member of the Sevens and the Netball in order to save embarassment. ;^)

  3. I still maintain, why should we care? Does it matter that Australia has more medals when their living standard is so much higher? Surely there are things that are sligthly more important to consider. Blech. But I hate this throwback to Colonialism anyway. So apart from his odiousness Mallard and his rather limp dicked smackdown of the Kiwi athletes absolutely nothing about these games have managed to garner any interest from me. Apart *maybe* from the various hockey teams in their ridiculously tight clothing.

  4. "One team, one medal. Doesn't seem to too tricky."

    So say one of the bowls teams has members from Queensland, NSW and South Australia - which state do you count the medal for?

  5. Use fractional medals, in proportion to the number of members from each state.

  6. It will be interesting to see how many 4ths they all got, too!


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