Wednesday, 15 March 2006

Free drink

Tonight in Auckland we're spoiled for choice when it comes to free drinks. The Auckland Philharmonia's Happy Hour Concert at 6 tonight is itself free, and I'm reliably informed that a) it comes with one free complimentary cocktail, and b) its fully booked. And Newmarket's Cock and Bull pub has a free beer tasting tonight from 5-8pm -- that's a free beer tasting -- to launch their new seasonal beer on tap. [Hat tip Real Beer]

Spoiled for choice -- but that's life sometimes in the big city.

TAGS: Auckland, Beer & Elsewhere


  1. Having tried the new Cock and Bull beer, you should definitely go there.

    Tell Luke I sent you!

  2. A very enjoyable evening, and your name, Neil, scored me a complimentary case of Luke's fine 'Epic' ale. So I'm very happy. :-)

    He's certainly very enthusiastic about his brewing isn't he -- as he has every right to be given the quality of his results.


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