Tuesday, 7 March 2006

Firebreathing over census at Wellington's sound shell tonight

LibertyScott has gone all the way to the UK to avoid filling out his census -- well, in truth he was already there. Didn't full out the last two, he says, and nothing happened to him.

Meanwhile, Libertarianz has organised a protest at the Wellington Sound Shell, with a fire breather to burn census forms. The press release states:
"Libertarianz leader, Bernard Darnton, announced the event today, saying that "the census is a blatant example of Government intrusion intopeople's private lives and should not be tolerated."

The fire-breather will be performing on the Sound Shell Lawn in the Wellington Botanic Gardens at 8.30pm on census night and everyone who opposes the compulsory collection of personal information is welcome... “The correct response,” Darnton says, “when Government agents come knocking on the door asking for personal information, is not to meekly comply with every request but to tell them to go to hell.”
The press release also notes that Germany doesn't have censuses, and the sky hasn't fallen in. Maybe it learnt from its less than free recent history? Go join them in the Sound Shell tonight, at least to watch the spectacle and support another dimension of free speech - the right not to be FORCED to speak.

LINK: Ignore the census - defend the right to NOT speak - LibertyScott
Fire-breather to Incinerate Libz Census Forms - Scoop

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  1. Well done Bernard & Wgtn libz.

    Will light a match in spirit; can't burn the damn things because I tore mine up last week.

    (Told LS so in an email which thus far he has chosen not to air).

  2. And that Deputy Leader bloke has been all over the news airwaves re what they're grilling in Northland thisevening.

  3. I am another that escaped. Arrived here in Sydney yesterday. And like Scott, I didn't fill mine in last time and they did nothing to me.


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