Saturday, 4 February 2006

Where are those ex MPs now?

Good old Scoop has begun hunting down MPs sacked by the voters in the last election, and they've filed this preliminary report on where they're all at. They're a bloody sad lot, really. Unemployable, most of them.

Bernie (call me Doctor) Ogilvie is "enjoying living life at a more 'leisurely' place" -- ie., he's definitely unemployed, and he's stopped sending out CVs. Now all he's getting back is rejection slips.

"Currently [Leslie] Soper is working in Auckland as a consultant"-- ie., she's probably unemployed, and sending out CVs. "Most of [Leslie and her partner's] spare time is spent renovating a house in their hometown of Invercargill." Suitable punishment, perhaps.

Ken Shirley has "been surfing and playing a lot of golf" --- ie., he's waiting for a phone call for a job. It still hasn't come.

"Ex Green MP Mike Ward did not miss Parliament – at all." We understand the feeling around the country is mutual. He's now an unemployed artist.

Stephen Franks is back at Chapman Tripp. "While he enjoys the law Mr Franks informed Scoop that being an MP was what he really loved doing." Expect to see him offered a spot with National next time round as Justice Spokesman. Bye bye Vile Ryall.

Brent Catchpole -- "Brent who" you ask! -- declared that "being an MP in Wellington had been an 'exciting life.'" Sad bastard. "Mr Catchpole has occupied himself with setting up a consulting business with the aim of assisting those who wished to lobby either local or central government" says Scoop -- ie., he wants to beome what Ayn Rand called a 'pull peddler,' one who sells what little 'influence' he has with current MPs in order to get legislative favours for his clients.

"[Mark] Alexander is planning to teach children about crime in the future.... 'I don't think people understand what victimhood is really about,' he told Scoop." Hardly needs a comment, does it.

And last but not least, self-declared virgin Craig McNair has finally got the ride - he married in 2005. And United Future's Larry Baldcock told Scoop he "was itching," but we understand that has now been treated.

Linked Article: What Are Those Ex MPs Up To Now? - Kevin List, Scoop


  1. I can assure you Soper is not unemployed, and she may well be back in the House in the not too distant future.

  2. Span, we've all figured out the Labour Party list is the most efficient recycling scheme on earth but there was no need to spoil a perfectly good evening...


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